Studio Sessions


One Phone Campaign

Education Elevators believe:

One Phone,
One Connection,
One Learning Experience,
Can Create A Future.

Education Elevators work to connect all classrooms to the world by
educating educators.

The world phone networks reach far and wide. Everyone has phones, lets use technology for good. To value quality education children right around the globe need to learn about the world with the world.

Education Elevators are proposing one of the biggest projects in the world and we need your help.

Face to Face - Studio Sessions

Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Benefits of Global Education
  • Value of Diversity
  • Building Critical Thinkers - Look to Learn Strategy
  • Using Global Resources
  • Teaching the curriculum your way
  • Exploring the big issues.
  • Implementing the UN Global Goals in your classroom

Getting Connected

  • The value of having a Professional Learning
  • Learning Network (PLN).
  • The power of social media to build a PLN.
  • Using Twitter with a purpose.
  • National and International Education Networks
  • Embracing The Three C’s - Communication, Collaboration and Community
  • Blogging - Benefits and resources
  • Implementing the UN Global Goals

Learning Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

  • Implementing the UN Global Goals in your classroom
  • Student Lead Global Collaboration
  • Global Education Collaboration Platforms
  • Curiosity Based Thinking
  • Inventing, Innovating and Campaigning
  • Blogging – Benefits and resources

Take Action! The Inquiry Journey - Start to Finish

  • Innovative planning documents
  • Links to curriculum documents
  • Establishing goals
  • Tuning in
  • Finding out
  • Sorting Out - Organising, analysing and communicating the information
  • Independent Inquiry - Raising and revisiting questions... let’s investigate... let’s organise
  • Call to Action / Reflection - Lets take action and celebrate

Amplifying Student Voice - Flipgrid

  • Student Voice/ Student Agency
  • Creating opportunities to amplify Student Voice
  • What is Flipgrid?
  • The features of Flipgrid.
  • The benefits of using Flipgrid in the classroom.
  • Connecting globally using Flipgrid.
  • Introducing the "Our GlobalClassroom" Grid.

Building Culture

  • Building a Classroom Culture?
  • Change or challenge a school culture.
  • The importance of building relationships
  • I wish my teacher knew analogue.
  • Redesigning Learning Spaces
  • Traditional Vs Flexible
  • Why doesn’t learning have to happen in a traditional classroom – Primary or Secondary.
  • Space design and the impact on student attitude and mindset