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Education Elevators

Bringing The Worlds Best Educators Together in One Place.


Courses Month by Month webinars providing the tools for educators to prepare students for the future. Topics such as Critical and Creative Thinking, UN Sustainable Goals, Amplifying Student Voice, Flexible vs Tradition Classrooms, Connecting Educators, Digital Citizenship.

Studio Sessions

Face to Face Education Elevators have some of the world's most inspiring presenters. Professionals from all over the world with the passion to elevate educators everywhere. We come to you, delivering a day of hands on learning that aligns with any curriculum. We build connected educators who teach the curriculum in a broader, global and sustainable way.


Conferences In July 2020, Education Elevators will bring the worlds best educators to Australia. Key-note speakers, hands on workshops, student sessions and a cultural day. OGC2020 will ignite and inspire as we create, innovate and educate teachers on being future ready in their thinking about education.