Accelerator Program


Connected Educator Accelerator Program

The Connected Educator Program targets pre-service teachers, graduate teachers, innovative school leaders, curriculum leaders and educational risk takers.

Workshop One

Two Days

Begin with a Two Day intensive workshop format, focusing on building culture and getting participants connected through positive digital networks. We will challenge schools and classroom cultures, explore the power of building relationships, have participants embracing Communication, Collaboration, Community and we will model the value of learning networks.

Participants will be provided with opportunities to ask questions, share stories and access resources through an individualised learning network set up for their program group. With availability through the entirety of their program.

Workshop Three

Two Days

The second part of the program will focus on Learning Beyond the Walls. Participants will be introduced to strategies that will develop and strengthen students creativity and ability to be critical thinkers in a personalised way. The United Nations Global Goals will be a major focus during this workshop phase taking participants on a journey on inventing, innovating and campaigning. Here participants will be placed into a simulated globalised classroom environment where they will be frustrated, respectfully challenged and taken out of their comfort zone just like students are in a real life classroom setting.

Workshop Three

One Day

To finalise the program participants will return for a one-day reflective workshop day. Here we will end where we began. The impact of the program will be assessed along with whether the participants will trial, lead or challenge the need for future readiness in schools.