Curriculum Innovation, Critical and Creative Thinking

Education Elevators work to connect all classrooms to the world by educating educators.

Specialising in curriculum innovation, critical and creative thinking and future learning techniques. Any where in the world, our team will come to you to support technology integration and the implementation of the UN Sustainable Goals into your schools and classrooms.

As an Edupreneur whose vision is that educators should be empowered innovators and students should be the change makers of the world. Specialising in Curriculum Innovation and Critical and Creative Thinking, I bring the world into classrooms. With 16 years experience teaching in classrooms, I have taught some of the toughest children in my town. I was so proud when I achieved my Masters in Special Education, my passion has always been the inclusion of all in mainstream classrooms and differentiating the curriculum. My expert areas are autism and challenging behaviours.

In addition to teaching and consulting I use the connection of social media to mentor and globalise teachers and classrooms internationally. Having travelled the world speaking about the importance of preparing students to be future ready, I am an advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Goals. I believes we live in a world where we should be learning together. My Our Global Classroom Education Network mission statement is simple – One World, One Classroom.

A recipient of iEARN’s National and International Scholarships these acknowledgements have seen me present in countries such as Qatar and Argentina as well as Brazil. With experience working with teachers in schools I have successfully lead workshops in India, as well has lead and implemented Global Projects with schools in China.

Follow my dreams I founded Education Elevators to educate educators on student lead learning, inquiry strategies and the importance of student voice, while providing pathways and forums for students to amplify their voices on the big issues affecting the world. I believe every classroom should be working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Global Goals by 2030.

Together is better than doing it alone!

Bronwyn Joyce

Building A Better World

United Nations Sustainable Goals

Education Elevations support and promote the teaching of the UN Sustainable Goals in all classrooms around the world.

The Our Global Classroom Flipgrid has 70+ Lessons and over 25,000 student and teacher voices all linked to the SDGs. Teachers can adapt the lessons to suit specific curriculum areas and provide opportunities for students to express their opinions and thoughts on global issues.

Studio Sessions and the 5 Day Accelerate Professional Development Program cater for training in school or off site. All development programs link specifically to the SDGs and students taking action to be the change-makers of the future.

There is a big world just waiting to be explored. If educators don’t innovate the curriculum and integrate the world into their classrooms, some children will never ever know there is actually a world out there that they can be part of.